Sunday, November 19, 2006

Ripping DVDs with HandBrake (Part 1)

HandBrake is free software you can use on your Mac to "rip" DVDs into computer files for viewing as:

  • Front Row movies
  • QuickTime movies
  • iTunes movies
  • iPod movies (video iPod required)

If you hook your Mac to an HDTV, the ripped DVD files can be viewed on its large screen. With networked Macs the ripped files can be viewed on a different Mac than the one where the files reside.

HandBrake is not hard to download and launch. It's user interface is fairly simple, basically a single panel containing a variety of options (click image to enlarge).

But figuring out which way to use those options to rip your DVDs with HandBrake isn't easy.

I've been making some experiments with HandBrake, about which I'll report soon, and I've found some helpful tutorials to help me through my perplexity. One of these is at Another is from A third is from Check 'em out.

More later.

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