Thursday, June 15, 2006

More on Pioneer's Elite PRO-1130HD

Pioneer Elite
In My Bedroom: Crying Out for HDTV? I said I'm thinking about a Pioneer Elite PRO-1130HD for ye olde house's master bedroom. Yesterday I visited the local Tweeter and Best Buy stores and found it for $5,049 at the former and $5,223 at the latter. Andrew at Tweeter said it was his favorite TV in the store (!). Chavis at Best Buy said he would price match Tweeter as long as Tweeter actually has the TV in stock (as he says Best Buy does).

I didn't actually ask the In Stock? question at Tweeter, so I don't know about that. I did visit another store, the high-end emporium called Gramophone, where I was told it is impossible to stock this model right now, pending the arrival of the new Pioneer Elite 1080p plasma. I don't really see what the one as to do with the other, but never mind.

Would I be better off buying online? Apparently not. gives me this information indicating that my lowest price, shipping included, would be $4,998.

Axis 8028
Andrew, the Tweeter Guy, gave me a brochure from home entertainment furniture maker BDI in which I found what seems the ideal shelf unit for me, the Axis 8028, in the "Cognac" finish shown at right. A quick scan of web purveyors seems to indicate it can be had for between $845 (here) and $950. It has three height-adjustable shelves for ancillary equipment below the main shelf upon which the TV sits. I should be able to arrange to put a small subwoofer on the bottom shelf.

It also has hidden wheels in the rear, supposedly making it easy to pull the unit out to work behind it.

It is 48" wide (perfect) by 27" deep (fine). It's height is a seemingly ideal 32.5", which puts the top of the 28.2"-high screen at about 60" — plus however many inches of height the TV's tabletop stand adds.

The Tweeter guy showed me the Yamaha YSP1 digital sound projector, the big brother of the YSP-800 I'm envisioning. I didn't pin down whether Tweeter sells the latter, or for how much. Best Buy does sell it, for around $800.

Polk Audio
I'd need a small, powered subwoofer. Polk Audio has a modest-sized one, the PSW303B, which Tweeter sells for $300.

The Tweeter guy also said a minimal delivery/installation charge (including putting together the shelf unit) would probably run me $150. That doesn't include anything other than hooking up the TV proper — not the YSP-800 nor any other gear — after installing it on its tabletop stand. Wall mounting would be considerably extra.

I forgot to ask about 0% financing: does Tweeter offer it; if so, for how long before interest is owed?

Then, of course, there are the necessary connecting cables. You can easily spend $150 at Best Buy for an HDMI cable. I'd probably need two of those, if not right away, at least eventually. But HDMI prices are more in the $30 range at Pacific Custom Cable. I've bought from them in the past, with no complaints. Doubtless, I'd also need some other doodads — so say $250 for cables and doodads, all told.

$5,000 for the TV. $900 for the furniture. $800 for the surround sound unit, plus another $300 for the privilege of hearing deep bass. $250 for cables and doodads. $150 for the delivery and installation. That comes to $7,400 before tax. With 5% added for sales tax, it's about $7,770!


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